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This Privacy Policy administers Dotsun’s information exercises that it collects on its websites and through its online services (collectively referred to as the “Service”). The terms “Dotsun,” “we,” “us,” and “our” refer to, as well as our affiliates and subsidiaries. This Privacy Statement describes how Dotsun offers, sells, and delivers products obtained through the online shopping service.

From the perspective of valuing your privacy, we want you to understand a few things. For instance, the information we collect or how the process takes place by us. Moreover, the information the consumer can ask us to remove and the rest of others are the possible ways to contact us about this policy. Kindly read about the privacy policies of Dotsun in the meantime. Regarding your personal information, most of this policy applies to people who associate with Dotsun, its online shopping site.

When Dotsun Collects Your Information

Visiting:-  When you visit its official website,, it will assign a unique identifier which you will find already stored on our servers. The use of this identifier is to certify your access to the online Dotsun shopping site. And also it collects undesignated usage statistics.

Accessing the Service:-  We collect the information based on the use of the Service. Moreover, the information generally holds what you provided to us regarding accessing the Service of Dotsun. Regarding your online privacy, we don’t store your personal information or links with us.

Approaching:-  In case you contact us directly, we may get your additional information. Contact us via our general email address. We may obtain your name, phone number, email address, the message’s contents & attachments, and other information as an outcome.

How Dotsun Uses Your Information

Internal and Service-Related Use:- The information section comes into use by us, including unique identifiers & your location. They are considered to be essential for internal and service-related purposes, i.e., data analytics. We may also share this information with service providers. So we can get permits to maintain, provide, and improve the online shopping service.

Contacting:-  You may receive an email from us on your provided email address to verify your account. And also, for informational and operational purposes, customer service, account management, system maintenance, and informing about your additional products or services usually come.

How Dotsun May Disclose Your Information

Use of Vendors and Service Providers. We share the consumer information that we receive with the vendors and service providers kept back in connection with the provision of the Service. And these can be our auditors, payment processors, and other vendors to fulfill data analytics purposes. As Per The Law and Similar Disclosures. We may try to preserve, access, and disclose your account information if we think it’s needed to:
  1. Implement this Privacy Policy or other relevant agreements.
  2. Adhere to law, administration, and other legal processes & requests, in which a court order usually involves.
  3. Reverting back to your requests and benchmarks.
  4. Looking after our, your, or others’ rights, data, or safety measures.
Transfer Of Sale, Merger, or Other Asset. It is considerable if you have an involvement in a merger, acquisition, financing due diligence, sale of assets, reorganization, bankruptcy, receivership, or transition of Service to another provider. Consequently, in such a situation, your information can be sold or transferred in the form of a partial transaction made by law or contract. The usage of your information involves any of the preceding events. The Privacy Policy provisions will administer this and come into effect when the Dotsun Online Shopping site collects such information. It is quite possible that your information can be shared within our relatable company’s groups.    Only After Your Consent. We will definitely disclose your information once you give your permission to do so.

Information Security

We have a set of steps that work to mend your information’s security per the Privacy Policy’s parameters. The only drawback is that the Internet cannot be secured with a 100% guarantee. Also, there’s no such assurance or warrant with the security of any information provided to us by consumers. 


Some web browsers do not support a “Do Not Track” feature. The fact behind it is that an accepted standard is unavailable. Regarding how to respond to Do Not Track indications. Thus, our online shopping website currently does not respond to such signals.

After using the Service & sharing information, we get your acceptance to communicate with you directly regarding privacy, security, and leading issues relatable to your service usage. Once we know about a security system glitch, we notify you by posting a pop-up notification on the Service or by sending you an email regarding the same. We provide you with a legal right to receive this notice in written format. In order to get a security breach notification for free or to cancel pop-ups regarding electronic notice, kindly contact us at

Children's Privacy

As per the Federal Trade Commission’s Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”) Rule, we strictly avoid maintaining, collecting, or using the personal information of children below 13 years of age. And even we don’t approach children under the age of 13 to make them part of the Service. Although, if we have collected any personal information of children under 13 by mistake. Then, as per our policy, we delete such information and terminate the child’s account without any second thought.

International Users

Are you accessing our Dotsun shopping service from a different country, such as the European Union, Japan, or other regions, under the framework of laws ruling data collection and use? Then, kindly ensure that you agree or permit transferring your information to the United States and processing worldwide. Provide your information to the Service, indicating that you are accepting any processing and transferring within the Privacy Policy.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy and Practices

Implementation of Revised Privacy Policy. We have a right to post any adjustments to the Privacy Policy on this web page and even update the “Effective Date.” The user is even allowed to bookmark this page and read this Privacy Policy timely, in case they are concerned about how their information is getting used. The constant use of the Service after making changes to the Privacy Policy leads to your acceptance & permission of the new terms of the Privacy Policy.

New Uses of Information. We adhere to using the information for uses as not disclosed previously in our Privacy Policy timely. If we make changes related to the previously collected information in a way that seems materially less restrictive than the stated one. Which is mentioned in the version of this Privacy Policy, making effects when we collect the data. Further, reasonable efforts are made to provide notice and obtain approval for any such uses that come under the requirement of law & rules. 

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